As a formally trained translator through my postgraduate MA in Translation Studies qualification from Durham University, I am qualified to provide professional translation services from French, Spanish and Italian (source) to English (target). I have extensive experience in travel & tourism, sports, and editorial genres, in addition to generalist texts. I also provide a variety of other professional language services, please see below for further information.


"The action or process of turning from one language into another"

-Oxford English Dictionary

It takes more than a bilingual to provide the accurate rendering of source text messages in the target language. There is no project too small or too big. All of my translation projects are proofread for comprehension and spelling accuracy, as well as grammatical accuracy in my native English. Please contact me with any questions about your translation project.


There is a profound difference between 'proofreading' and 'editing'.

Proofreading is the action of ensuring that all spelling and grammar is correct, thereby ensuring fluency in the language at hand.

Editing, or revision, is the act of ensuring that the message(s), tone and style, among other elements, are correctly translated into a target text. The primary difference is that the former is not as comprehensive as the latter. If you are unsure about which service you require, contact me for a free, zero-obligation quote.


With a small but dependable network of linguists across a range of languages and sectors, I can manage your multilingual project, achieving high-quality results whilst delivering within your financial and time-sensitive brief. As a key stakeholder in the project, I would provide you with updates on a pre-determined basis. With previous project experience in empirical and academic research, social media, and informative presentations, I am happy to discuss the options for your project.


As an experienced practical and desk-based researcher, I have recently concluded my formal translation studies training by carrying out empirical research using eye-tracking and keystroke-logging to define translation behaviour in native Italian speakers. If you are undertaking a research project, I can offer you an all-inclusive package at an hourly rate. This service is tailored to your specific requirements and can include: desk-based research, translation, proofreading, and editing. Contact me with your brief for an in-depth discussion.


Language barriers sometimes need to be broken to carry out effective intercultural communication. I can help your B2B or personal communications to establish a strong rapport with any client. Acting as an intermediary for your department, or for you yourself, I will liaise via telephone and/or email. I can also communicate via Skype, subject to advance notification. Social Media management is also available.


As an experienced writer in the travel & tourism, sports, and adventure pursuits sectors, I can help your marketing team produce outstanding creative writing. In collaboration with your marketing team, I will work to your brief and specification, re-writing as necessary to achieve your goal(s). If you have content that you require producing, please contact me to discuss.